Race Info

This information sets out what entrants need to do to enter TRACN4 ELANDS MARATHON.

We will refund any entry fee only in the event of death of the participant.

Substitutions and downgrades will be permitted from 19 FEB 2024 up to 23 FEB 2024 but no refund of entry fees will be done.

Entry Fee for 42.2km is R400 including bus tickets but you MUST order the relevant seats of the busses.

Entry Fee for 21.1KM is R250 including bus tickets but you MUST order the relevant seats of the busses.

Entry Fee for 10Km is R100


1. The race will be run according to the rules of ASA, WORLD ATHLETICS (WA) & AMPU.


3. Obey all Traffic Officials and Race Marshals.

4. Ages: Athletes for the 10km must be 14 years or older on the day of the race. Athletes for the 21.1 km must be 16 years or older on race day. Athletes for the 42.2 km must be 20 years or older on race day.

House Rules

1. Proof of age (ID) to be produced upon request on day of race.

2. All athletes will participate at their own risk and by entering the event they acknowledge that they are medically fit to participate.

3. Registered athletes must wear full club colours.

4. 2024 license numbers on the front and back of the vest.

5. Temporary license must be fixed on the back of the vest.

6. Age category ID tags must be clearly displayed for the duration of the event (back and front) by athletes competing for a category prize AND must be fixed on all 4 corners and not be covered by rain jacket or any shirt.

7. Only athletes with a race number and licensed numbers will be allowed into event area. Race number must be worn on the front of the vest.

8. Next of kin name and contact number must appear on the entry form and race number.

9. ASA license numbers must not be covered with any paper race numbers /race bib.

10. Walkers competing for Walkers prize must have the "W" fixed on the left front and back of the vest, all 4 corners must be fixed.

11. There will be a prize giving.Prize money will be transferred electronically.

12. No littering, please make use of waste boxes at the start/finish – RUN CLEAN

13. All participates must take note that photographs will be taken at the event and placed on social media.

14. The use of earphones during the race is not allowed and may lead to disqualification

Race date is 2 MARCH 2024 and race starts at 6:00 AM

42.2 Km starts at Oostelijn Primary School Emgwenya

21.1 Km starts on the N4 near Fortis Malaga Hotel at 6:00 AM

10 Km race starts at the Sappi Skills training centre at 6:00 AM and is out and back from the skills centre

Cut off time on the 42.2km race will be 6 hours, so the official cut off will be 12H00.

There is NO cut off on the 21.1 km race or on the 10km race.

All participants will be removed from the road at 12:00.

There will be a cut off at the 21.1km marker on the 42.2KM at 09h30.

There will be a cut off at the 32km mark at 11H15.

A sweep vehicle will be at these points and the participants will be required to leave the race.

The race bib will be removed by the officials in the sweep vehicle.

Both the official Comrades cut off of 4H50 and the final cut off will be marked with the firing of a gun.

By entering this event I undertake to be bound by the rules and regulations of the event including those of WA and ASA. I warrant that I am in good health and aware of the risks and dangers of physical nature of this sporting event and do not claim ignorance of these risks and dangers. I hereby accept that I participate in the event entirely at my own risk and I release and discharge to the fullest extent allowed in law, the organisers of the event, all sponsors persons and organisations assisting in the staging of the event, provincial and national athletics bodies and all local authorities from any responsibility, liability or costs relating to any injury, loss or damage of whatever nature however caused, arising directly or indirectly from my participation in the event including pre and post race activities. I further agree and warrant that if at any time I believe conditions to be unsafe, I will immediately discontinue further participation in the activity. There is no insurance on person using a temporary license.




**Note : Electronic transfer of prize money only
Additional prizes for open category winners sponsored by Tifosi Sports

Contact us For more information on the marathon.
078 208 5183